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'it takes an impossibly gifted player to improvise independent melodies, harmonies, and bass lines all at the same time - while maintaining an impeccable groove. Australia’s Adam Miller is one such rare phenomenon'
- Premier Guitar Magazine

Following a relentless international touring schedule the past few years which has seen him perform in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Japan, & Australia, Adam Miller releases his new album THE DEFINING OF SUCCESS in March 2018.

Featuring 10 all new tracks, Adam has chosen his regular trio of Mitch Cairns (Russell Morris, Leo Sayer, Adam Eckersley & Brooke McClymont) on Bass & Dom Borzestowski (Gang Of Youths) on Drums to be the focus on this album. The trio has honed its skills since becoming the regular lineup following the release of Shifting Units in 2014. Whilst everyone's other tour schedules are hard to juggle, there had been just enough time in the past year to get together to record. Slide guitar melodist & frequent collaborator Jason Lowe also features on 2 tracks.

The songs, which really take the focus on this record, have been in regular cycle at Miller's shows for the past year. This means they've had time to grow and be refined into the tight arrangements presented on the recording.

'THE DEFINING OF SUCCESS is the idea that success is always changing, and with rapid progression in the current world. I feel that the definition of success is very personal and one that needs to be constantly re-evaluated, hence the use of the word DEFINING - meaning it will always evolve! It's hard as you get older to see people around you achieving certain life goals and feeling like you're so far behind. I have to personally keep my DEFINING in check and this record is about that. The songs are very specific one word titles relating to simple ideas that could propel me, hold me back, or keep me grounded, and the songs stemmed out of these feelings in the moment. I'm hoping that these titles will help people to connect with the melodies and grooves and allow them to explore there own personal adventure in life!'

'LOVE was written for my wife and the simple joy of spreading love through the world.

HOME is about Newcastle firstly, but quickly evolved into a more melancholy reflection of everyone in the world trying to simply find a safe place. The piece itself is a version of a 24 Bar blues which is very 'Homely' musically.
HABIT is a very repetitive form and drum groove that slowly evolves. The melodies become more and more developed as the song goes on and for me evoke the feeling of trying to crawl out of habitual tendencies.

FIGHT is a rockin' adventure through the process of booking tours!

LAWN is the only co-write on the album and super rare for me! It was written in Nashville a few years ago with Anthony Snape and actually had lyrics (which Anthony wrote). For the past several years I've lived at a place with quite a large Lawn, and whilst out on tour I'm always thinking about how bad it's going to be when I get home! I usually dedicate this song to my Dad, at shows because I usually always find he's done it for me by the time I get home!

CONQUER is the story of overcoming diversity through all its twists and turns. Musically it starts in a minor key and weaves its way between variations of the melody until the end roars into a major key shift.'

THE DEFINING OF SUCCESS will be released independently worldwide on 16 March 2018.

'Perhaps most impressive is his unerring focus on melody' - Minor7th.com

'a relentless propulsive groove that is downright danceable' - Acoustic Guitar Magazine

'Not only does he own the groove, he takes polyphonic playing - with independent bass lines, melody, harmony, and even improvised solos - to incredible heights' - Guitar Player Magazine

'players will shake their heads at the precision, technical facility and sheer verve' - AcousticUK

'you'd swear there are at least two guitarist playing - this is one acoustic album worth turning up LOUD' - Rhythms Australia

Top 10 ESSENTIAL Albums of 2012 - Acoustic Guitar Magazine

‘His music is groove oriented, highly melodic and just plain fun. Coupled with incredible technique and a knack for writing a catchy tune, Miller has everything it takes to be a world-wide success' - GUITAR INTERNATIONAL

'Approaching his guitar as if each of its six strings were a separate instrument, fingerstyle guitarist Adam Miller is a groove machine, creating a sound that invites comparisons to Tuck Andress and Charile Hunter' - Acoustic Guitar Magazine.  It’s this talent that has seen him play with Les Paul, Tommy Emmanuel, Matt Schofield, Charlie Hunter, Adam Levy, Tony McManus, Jim Black, Ben Gillies (Silverchair), and the list continues....

With a unique approach to the guitar, Adam's music is groovy and approachable, whilst having a melodic sophistication that only comes from years of cross genre hopping. His tendency to include complex rhythms, dissonant haunting phrases, combined with breathtaking riffs and melodies are his signature. His jazz influenced style with finger-picking mastery creates a improvisation filled live performance that is beautifully unpredictable.

Australian Fingerstyle Champion (2002), Miller has played an array of International & National festivals including the Montreal Jazz Festival, Australian Blues Festival, A Day On The Green, Jazz In The Vines, and the Woodstock, Melbourne, and Adelaide International Guitar Festivals. He is a regular artist at NAMM (Los Angeles & Nashville) and Musikmesse (Germany) shows where he plays for some of the world’s most respected guitar companies and luthiers. He has also done two tours to Afghanistan performing for the Australian & Allied Forces.

Miller has featured in magazines such as Guitar Player, Acoustic Guitar, Premier Guitar, Acoustic UK, Australian Guitar, and Australian Musician. In 2013 his album "Delayed" was named in the top 10 Albums of 2012 by the US Acoustic Guitar Magazine.  He was also named on of the top 25 Future Legends in Australian Guitar Magazine. In 2010 Miller was named "Guitarist Deserving Wider Recognition" by US based magazine, Guitar International.

Adam juggles his time between international travels & Australia where he lectures in Jazz and Contemporary Guitar at the University Of Newcastle.

He is an endorser of Nik Huber Guitars, Traugott Guitars, Thorell Guitars, Two-Rock Amplifiers, Analysis Plus Cables, Seymour Duncan Pickups, and D’Addario Strings.


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