"Often compared to Charlie Hunter, Tuck Andress, Julian Lage and Tommy Emmanuel... The jazz harmony is there, but worked seamlessly into pieces that could almost be considered closer to instrumental pop." - Jazz Guitar Today

25 Players Who Are Changing Guitar - Australian Guitar Magazine

'it takes an impossibly gifted player to improvise independent melodies, harmonies, and bass lines all at the same time - while maintaining an impeccable groove. Australia’s Adam Miller is one such rare phenomenon'
- Premier Guitar Magazine

'Perhaps most impressive is his unerring focus on melody' - Minor7th.com

'a relentless propulsive groove that is downright danceable' - Acoustic Guitar Magazine

'Not only does he own the groove, he takes polyphonic playing - with independent bass lines, melody, harmony, and even improvised solos - to incredible heights' - Guitar Player Magazine

'Approaching his guitar as if each of its six strings were a separate instrument, fingerstyle guitarist Adam Miller is a groove machine, creating a sound that invites comparisons to Tuck Andress and Charile Hunter' - Acoustic Guitar Magazine

'players will shake their heads at the precision, technical facility and sheer verve' - AcousticUK

Top 10 ESSENTIAL Albums of 2012 - Acoustic Guitar Magazine



Australian guitarist Adam Miller released his 8th solo album, Beyond Reason, 28 April 2023 on esteemed guitarist Charlie Hunter’s label SideHustle Records. “Charlie has been such a huge influence on not just my playing, but also how to go about surviving, and evolving in the music industry. It's an incredible honour that my first ever label release is on his SideHustle Records.”


"Beyond Reason is a Guitarist / Songwriter album, if there was such a genre! I began to take note, that most of my guitar playing time was spent writing and creating, rather than practising. This led to me writing multiple albums worth of material the past few years whilst off the road for a while.”


The 8 song album contains elements of blues, jazz, funk, rock, folk, and country and features Miller on electric, archtop, acoustic, resonator, and nylon string guitar. The bass & drums were recorded in Los Angeles by Miller’s now long time collaborators, drummer / engineer / producer Justin Glasco, and bass player Joel Gottschalk. Miller then worked up the tracks through 2022 in his home of Newcastle Australia, between his return to performing and touring dates.

With a career spanning just over 20 years, Adam Miller had early beginnings as a solo guitar virtuoso, that led to session playing, producing, mix & master engineer, university educator and everything in between, but his vision of creating instrumental guitar music has never lost focus. He has toured the globe, performing in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Japan, Australia & even Afghanistan for the Australian and Allied Forces. Miller has shared stages with Les Paul, Tommy Emmanuel, Adam Levy, Matt Schofield, Mason Stoops, Josh Smith, Joey Landreth, Russell Morris, Ariel Posen, Tony McManus, Ben Gillies (Silverchair) amongst others. With glowing coverage in guitar & music press across the world, the 2002 Australian Fingerstyle Guitar Champion has his own signature model guitar, the “Adam Miller Redwood Rietbergen” from Nik Huber Guitars

Miller has had a relentless international touring schedule the past few years which has seen him perform in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Japan, & Australia.

Australian Fingerstyle Guitar Champion (2002), Miller has played an array of International Festivals including the Montreal Jazz Festival Canada, Woodstock Guitar Festival USA, Guitar Masters Wroclaw Poland, Lancaster Music Festival UK, Karel Music Expo Italy, The NAMM Show USA, Artisan Guitar Show USA, Holy Grail Guitar Show Germany, Musikmesse Germany, Australian Blues Festival, A Day On The Green, Jazz In The Vines, Melbourne Guitar Festival, Adelaide International Guitar Festival, & Newcastle Jazz Festival. He also travelled to Afghanistan twice to perform for the Australian & Allied Forces.

Miller has had feature articles in The Fretboard Journal, Guitar Player, Acoustic Guitar, Premier Guitar, Acoustic UK, Australian Guitar, and Australian Musician. In 2013 his album "Delayed" named Top 10 Albums of 2012 by US Acoustic Guitar Magazine. He was also named on of the top 25 Future Legends in Australian Guitar Magazine. In 2010 Miller was named "Guitarist Deserving Wider Recognition" by US based magazine, Guitar International.

Having 10 independent releases to his name, many that have gone on to international acclaim, Miller is also signed to USA video tuition Label 'TrueFire', and has lectured in Jazz and Contemporary Guitar at the University Of Newcastle, Australia.

He is an endorser of Nik Huber Guitars, Collings Guitars, Greenfield Guitars, Two-Rock Amplifiers, Henriksen Amplifiers, Vemuram, Ron Ellis Pickups, MONO, and D’Addario Strings.


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