It is with great excitement that I announce the release of a duo EP with the exceptional Singer/Songwriter, guitarist and slide guitarist Jason Lowe. Jason and I have been dear friends and collaborated together for many years. Instead of just hanging out and drinking tea one afternoon in May, we decided to set up some microphones and jam a little. The result it this collection of 4 improvisations recorded in 1 hour! It's rough, but we believe it's a great example of the joy we have have creating together.

For now this is only available as a digital release worldwide on all your favourite digital platforms NOW!



Google Play

03/15 - T

I've had a huge few months touring and promoting 'Shifting Units'. I'm so proud of this album and the response it's receiving. I've had some great articles and reviews! Here are some links:

Minor7th.com Review
Premier Guitar Interview

I'm very excited to announce that my very first instructional video will be released by the fine folk from
TrueFire on March 15 2015. The course is called ACOUSTIC GROOVE and is all about adding bass lines to your chords when playing solo guitar or accompanying. It's designed to not be too advanced, but shows you some great pick and fingerstyle techniques, as well as covering a lot of scales and chord theory. You can order this now as a download and DVD in the SHOP section or by heading to the TrueFire website.

You can check the
gigs section for more dates in Australia and the USA.



Firstly I'd like to thank everyone that downloaded DELAYED - I really hope you're enjoying it!

Shifting Units is finally finished and being released September 2. It is essentially the same original compositions essentially recorded twice. One CD features me playing solo guitar and the other features nearly the same songs with ‘friends’, ensembles made up of the finest musicians in the world, including Steve Hunter, James Hauptmann (Blue Juice, Katie Noonan, James Morrison), Mitch Cairns (Russell Morris, Leo Sayer), Nic Cecire and Lachy Doley (Jimmy Barnes, Ian Moss).



Until then please check out the samples on Soundcloud below of Wrong Note Blues!


05/14 - Recording SHIFTING UNITS - DELAYED for free

I've been busy in the studio working on my new album SHIFTING UNITS. The album is progressing beautifully, and I've had the honour to work with some of my favourite musicians in the world!

While I'm consumed with this and organising touring for the rest of the year, I've decided to give away my album Delayed for a little while. THANKS TO ALL THAT DOWNLOADED DELAYED!

Thanks for all your support!


09/13 -
Horrific Updating Skills! Europe, Australia, & US Tours

Wow! I'm incredibly bad at updating this! I guess the biggest news is I've just spent pretty much the entire year on the road. It'd been quite incredible really. I'm currently writing from London, England, where I'm doing in store workshops for Premier Builders Guild (b3, Fano, & Koll Guitars + Two-Rock & Tone King Amplifiers). I have 2 weeks worth of shows left which you can see in the image below. I'm also have tour dates through Australia in October and then start my first headline US Tour in late Oct/Nov, with dates around the country! Looking forward to meeting you all somewhere soon!




I'm extremely honoured that Acoustic Guitar Magazine have featured me in a Private Lesson article in their January 2013 issue. Huge thanks to Teja Gerken for writing this and the rest of the AG staff! You can check out the videos from the lesson and shoot by clicking on the magazine cover above!



10/12 - Living The Dream!!  

I seem to say this all the time when people ask what I've been up to lately - because it's true! So still hot on the promo trail for "Delayed", witrh incredible reviews coming in from Acoustic Guitar Magazine US & Acoustic UK. I've been working on a lot of new material - acoustic, electric and all sorts of things. If you haven't checked out my live electric trio album yet, please do so by going to www.noisetrade.com/adammiller - it's free!

And on the other side of things, I've been busy playing shows and working on recordings with Holly Who. It's a musical conglomerate led by the amazingly talented Holly Clayton and a revolving cast of musicians (I'm often on bass). I'm heading into the Grove Studios this week to produce an album for the extremely talented US singer-songwriter Phil Laeger. I then jump straight back on to the electric guitar for rehearsals and the first show with Bento - I'm really excited about this and you can see my incredible miming skills in the film clip for Diamond Days!




I've just returned from a hectic 2 week promo trip in the USA. I had an incredible time shooting video and lessons for Guitar Player & Acoustic Guitar Magazine. The videos are on Guitar Player Website now, and the Acoustic Guitar article will be out in a couple of months. I'm hoping some reviews should follow too. My local street press, Reverb, gave me a great review in their July issue.

I got a chance to jam with Charlie Hunter in NYC (which is always daunting), and caught up with Adam Levy - who very kindly mentioned me in his blog! Current big news is I'm going to release a little live album recorded in Newcastle with an amazing trio of Mitch Cairns on Bass, and Nic Cecire on Drums. It features a lot of the songs on "Delayed", but played on electric guitar! I'm thinking this will be a download only release - stay tuned!

And speaking of electric guitars, I received an amazing new B3 Water from the guys at Premier Builders Guild - here's a video below of the first time I got to plug it in! It has a spruce top, flame maple back, sides, and neck, an ebony fretboard and Waverly machine heads.





Ok so it’s obvious that I’m not very consistent with this whole news/blogging thing. When my last update was nearly a year ago. But this post was worth the wait. And you can see why from June 15, when my new album ‘Delayed’ finally comes out. It’s been an insanely, all consuming process - not so much in the recording (the final takes were done over about 4 days), but in getting to that stage……… wow - actually I think I did ‘demo‘ the album about 6 times. There were complications with finding the right sound, recording studios, computer failures, waiting for my guitar to be built, negotiations with record companies, and then fitting touring around that. All I can say is it’s all been worth it, and the album wouldn’t be what is without being ‘Delayed’ the way it was. The result is that I’m releasing this independently, so from June 15 the album will be available on iTunes (and other digital stores), and you can pre-order hard copies from the website now. I’m not sure how distribution will pan out from there, but I can certainly guarantee I’m going to be working hard on getting it out there.

I must mention that my Jeff Traugott Fan Fret OO sounds spectacular and I’ve really found my voice with this guitar. I still can’t thank Jeff enough for his amazing work and getting this too me. It’s even better than I imagined and I still get excited every time I open the case.

I've also been incredibly busy in the studio and the stage. I've finished producing albums for The Nickson Wing and Marissa Saroca (which I also play 8 String Guitar on). I've been gigging pretty hard with my duo (where I play 7 String Guitar) and my electric jazz trio. One of my most fun gigs recently is with the newly formed Holly Who - a groove rock, soul extravaganza - I even use a fuzz pedal! I'm in the process of recording with them at the moment too.

An official launch in my hometown of Newcastle, Australia will be announced soon. I’m doing my best to get out and tour globally with this, and it’s a huge undertaking, so please be patient. If you’ve got any ideas of where to play in your area, or can offer any assistance, please shoot an email to mail@adammiller.com.au - I’d love to hear from you!

And here's a track from the new album - PARKER - inspired by the amazing work of Ken Parker!




09/11 - Montreal Guitar Show, NAMM, USA, Albums, Best laid plans........

I've just returned home from a little trip across North America and what a great time I've had! I was fortunate to play a small spot at the Montreal Guitar Show (part of the Montreal Jazz Festival) playing an incredible guitar built by Pagelli. I was also asked to play at the launch of Nik Huber's 'Blue Whale' guitar. Here's a video of the event - I'm playing one of my new tunes 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'.

I was also able to spend some time in NYC and the Bay Area, catching gigs and hanging out with Charlie Hunter, Adam Levy and Irwin Thomas. Charlie Hunter & I went down to Santa Cruz to visit the workshop of Jeff Traugott and check out where our new guitars are up to. Only a few more weeks to wait!

The Summer NAMM Show in Nashville was amazing. Such a great oppurtunity to play with so many incredible artists including Anthony Snape, Randy Kohrs, Andy Ellis, Sean Harkness, Kevin Wilson, and many more. I was featured in an Ampeg video trying out thier new guitar amps (playing 'The Sleazy Song'), and Premier Guitar Magazine's preview of the Nik Huber Rietbergen semi-hollow guitar. Below is a clip Guitar Player Magazine captured of my jam with Kevin Wilson (Stevie Wonder's guitar player). We're both playing amazing Nik Huber guitars!


Just before I left I finished producing new albums for Jason Lowe, Grayson, & Marissa Saroca. The Grayson album is out now. Consequently my new album has been pushed back a little - which is a good thing! I'm still writing, working, and re-working songs to make it as absolutely hot as I possibly can. Really want to deliver you something amazing.  Once again to stay up to date with where I am, "Like" me on Facebook!




01/11 - New Year, New Award, New Guitar, New Album!

What an amazing 2010 with plenty of overseas travel and a year of lecturing in Guitar and Sound Engineering at the University of Newcastle. And 2011 has started off incredible! Kicking off with an award from Guitar International Magazine for guitarist 'Deserving Wider Recognition'. It was fantastic to share a page with other players like Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Lee Ritenour, and fellow Aussie Orianthi. I was also featured in legendary guitar journalist, Andy Ellis' weekly Guitar Radio Show in the US. 

I've been waiting a while now for a new guitar and I've been informed that it will be started this week. The builder of this instrument is the one and only Jeff Traugott, who also builds Charlie Hunter's guitars. I can't explain how incredibly excited I am to see this! And then to use it on my new album! The album should be out mid year through a US based label and expect tours to follow.

On the home front I'll be playing a few shows in my home town of Newcastle, plus the Australian Blues Festival and Melbourne International Guitar Festival. I've also put my producer and engineer hat back on in the last month working on a release for The Nickson Wing, and finished an EP for X Factor contestants Luke & Joel. I'm actually playing guitar in Luke & Joel's band so be sure to check out the dates on their website if you want to see me playing some rock on electirc guitar! 

More news coming soon!!! Come say hi at a show or drop me a line here or on Facebook!



06/10 - Summer NAMM Nashville & Other Things!

So I'm back over in the USA! I pulled into Nashville and had an amazing time playing for Cole Clark Guitars. There were acouple of amazing impromtu jams with the Grammy Award winning Randy Kohrs, and old friend Anthony Snape. Here is a review and video of one of my performances at the show from International Guitar Magazine. They also published a very nice review of Out Of My Hands

And speaking of reviews, I finally got my copy of UK's Acoustic Magazine and you can read their review by clicking below.



03/10 - NAMM and 2010 update

In January 2010 I headed over to LA to play the NAMM show for Cole Clark Guitars. I had an amazing time checking out heaps of gear and some playing with some amazing artists including Trevor Green, Marc Beauregard, Derick Sebastian. One of the highlights was meeting and jamming with the amazing Australian guitarist Irwin Thomas. Also played some really cool gear from Nik Huber Guitars, Benedetto Guitars, Eastman Guitars, and TV Jones. You can check out vids of my playing at Cole Clark America's site, and here are a couple of others from youtube.



From there I headed over to NYC to check out a Charlie Hunter gig, and do some jamming. Charlie is an absolute monster, and probably my favourite musician! Also caught up with Gordon and Rudy at Rudy's Music. Will have to buy something more than strings there soon! There new shop in Soho is amazing and very dangerous!!

On the way back home I stopped into Santa Barbara and Seymour Duncan. Had a great time with Evan Skopp basically just talking about Robben Ford! Had a great impromptu show at the Soho club too with good friend Andrew Jackson. An amazing guitarist and generous guy!

I'm back home and settling into writing for a new album. Very excited about taking it around the world. There's also rumour of a great review of Out Of My Hands in the issue 39 of UK's Acoustic Magazine. I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive!



12/09 - ABC Newcastle Music Awards Win

In mid November I was awarded the Best Instrumental for my song Traffic in the ABC Newcastle Music Awards! THis was my first solo win in of one of these after many years of nominations. 

I'm currently heading into the studio to work on a few productions with other artists while I give my hands a bit of a rest. Also looking at a few new projects too, aswell as heaps of touring next year.

See you soon



11/09 - Long Overdue Update - Mark II!

Wow! What a few months it has been!

In August I finished of Jason Lowe's debut album 'Grey Cap Times'. I co-produced this with Jason, and recorded and mixed it, as well as played quite a few instruments on it. Rick O'Neil put the final mastering touches on it. It is an amazing epic record, highlighting Jason's amazing songwriting ability. It's available in stores now through ABC Records. Go grab it!

I went to for a short trip to NYC for a bit of a personal holiday. While there a managed to catch quite a bit of inspiring music including Mike Stern, Robben Ford, and two Charlie Hunter shows! I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Charlie and we grooved a bit in his little music room! It was amazing!

I also went on amazing tour of Afghanistan with Jenny Morris playing for the Australian and Allied forces! I can't describe just how incredible this was, and the once in a lifetime experiences (tactical landings on a Hercules???). The guys over there looked after us way too well, and really opened my eyes on the whole situation over there.

Upon returning from overseas I've hooked up with one of Charlie Hunter's old band mates, Drummer Simone White. We did our first show together at Mars Hill Cafe in Parramatta on the 31st October and it was a ball! I was playing my 8 string guitar. You can check out some of the gig in the live section of the site.

So I've got more shows coming up in Newcastle, Sydney, and Melbourne, and hopefully a few others around the place. Hope to see you round and drop me a line if you have time! mail@adammiller.com.au 



08/09 - Long Overdue Update

I've been flat out over the past six months playing, travelling, and recording. Thankyou to everyone who's bought a copy of Out Of My Hands - I hope you enjoy it!

I'm currently putting the final touch on the mixes for Jason Lowe's debut album which is being released through ABC Music. 

I'm trying to rotate the live music section of site as much as possible. 



01/09 - In-Store Performances for Cole Clark Guitars and Magazines

Through January I'll be doing a stack of In Store performances for Cole Clark Guitars in Tamworth, Queensland, and Sydney. Check out the gigs page for more details.

I have also been featured as a 'Guitarist to Watch' in the latest issue of Australian Guitar Magazine.



12/08 - Out Of My Hands NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE 

You can now purchase Out Of My Hands as a digital download from itunes and Amazon! Check it out!

There's also a free download of Dinosaurs from the album launch in the LIVE section!



11/08 - Album Launch / Review / Out Of My Hands NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE

Firstly thanks to everyone who came out for the official launch at the View Factory in Newcastle. It was such a fun night with a great turn out and will certainly be looked at with fond memories!

The first review for Out Of My Hands has surfaced - you can check it out here!

Out Of My Hands is also now available in the SHOP section of the website. I will let everyone know when it becomes available at itunes, Amazon, and other online stores.

Also found a very brief review of Jazz In The Vines and a cool pic of myself with the Cole Clark Ukulele!




10/08 - NEW ALBUM - Out Of My Hands - November 2008

Yes I know it's been a year since I've written anything, but I've been very busy! I'm so proud to announce that my new album 'Out Of My Hands' is finally finished. It will be available at shows from November, via itunes and Amazon from late November, and hopefully some selected retailers not too far down the track. This really has been a labour of love and has honestly been recorded quite a few times over the past few years.

The final album was recorded in a few days in July, August, and September 2008. It features myself playing acoustic guitar in a trio format with Peter Gray on electric bass and Nic Cecire on drums. These guys are both incredible musicians who I've looked up to for nearly as long as I've been playing. They brought their magic to each track. There's also a solo song, and a duet with the composer extrordinaire Chris Harley playing piano. The final song is a little ditty I wrote on Ukulele (plus I play a few other instruments on it) and was very fortunate to have aquired a Cole Clark Ukelady to track it on.

The feel of the album is very raw and gritty, with plenty of honesty (mistakes)! I really do believe it will appeal to a range of music lovers and not just guitar heads - they just pick all my mistakes anyway.

I'm really looking forward to taking this out on the road over the next few months - primarily solo to begin with and then hopefully with a trio a bit down the track. 

Thankyou so much for your support and am excited to hear your feedback!



10/07 - New Live Music Section

I'm very pleased to report that we've added a live music download section to the site. For now this will be free, and currently features 2 unrealesed tracks, Traffic and Dinosaurs, which will be on the new album. Let me know what you think!



09/07 - US and Switzerland Update

Finally got a chance to update and fill you in on my US and Swiss trip - I guess insomnia is good for something! Before I get into that though, I produced a CD for the amazing slide guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Jason Lowe just before I left. He's doing great things with it and is getting a fair bit of radio coverage. Also have just finished recording Marissa Saroca's debut album, which will no doubt be huge! 

So to give you a brief overview had a superb time away, and have many great oppurtunities on the horizon. Stopped into to the Two Rock factory in California, met the guys, and came away with one of their Jet combos (amazing!). Guest spotted with Tommy Emmanuel in Chattanooga, Tennesse. Had a great time and some dodgy Italian with Charlie Hunter in Rochester, NY. 

The Montreux Jazz Festival was incredible. Holly (Clayton) did amazing in the vocal competition, whilst not making the finals, she learnt alot about the competition which means she can enter again and win next year! Hopefully though we'll just be performing! Her performances were videoed, so demand they go on youtube soon! 

Also managed to guest spot for two shows at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York with Les Paul and his trio. This was just phenomonal and I'm still pinching myself about this! Also did a fantasic benefit concert in Santa Barbara put on by a sensational guitar player Andrew Jackson. I played with a number of artists at the show, including award winning jazz vocalist Jeri Brown

So I'm currently doing my best to organise getting back to the US, with possible trips to the UK, Japan, and Europe in the meantime. I'm ACTUALLY starting to record my new album through September too, whilst doing a number of shows. About to start on the road with Morgan Evans, who has his firs single coming out in September. We shot a film clip a few weeks ago so keep an eye out for that too - I didn't play on the single, I was just hired for my good looks!



06/07 - US and Switzerland

Well I'm heading off on a bit of a scouting mission to the USA and Switzerland. I'm going to be in San Francisco, Nashville, then duck over to Montreux, Switzerland (to do some yelling in support of the amazing Holly Clayton who is a finalist in the vocal competition there), then back to New York, and home through LA. I'll be doing some open mic nights and guest spots along the way. I'm freaking out - but it's going to be so much fun. 



06/07 - New Cole Clark Angel

I finally received my very own Cole Clark Angel Custom! I'm very excited about this guitar and am looking forward to blowing a few people away with it overseas! Thanks Brad and Phil.



12/06 - Site launched 12/2006

After a few weeks of tweaking the new site is up and running. Not all features will be available just yet, and some more exciting things like live shows will be coming very soon.


12/06 - New album on the way

I'm very excited to let you know that my new album is coming along slowly. I've recorded quite a number of new solo acoustic instrumental tunes already. You can find some of these to listen to at myspace. I'm also experimenting with a number of vocal tunes which I must say is quite daunting. Those who have seen my shows in the last year or so will know I've started singing a little more, but I've only managed to play one of my own songs maybe once! So I'm going to be extra critical about these new tunes. Just have to see how they turn out - they only have to be perfect! I'll keep you posted with all the progress.



12/06 - 2007 Tamworth Country Music Festival

I will once again be heading to good ol' Tamworth (say it with a piece of straw in your mouth) to do a number of shows playing my own stuff finally! I'm going to be involved in showcases and demos with Cole Clark Guitars and Music Headquarters. Heaps of other great artists on the bill too - Anthony Snape, Amy Vee, Bob Corbett, Lloyd Speigel, Jetty Road, Katie Brianna, Morgan Evans, and James Blundell. Should be fun as always!